Photowalls (21 m2) for Belgium touroperator Uniglobe Roeselare (2012)

Office decoration for Dutch touroperator Stip Travel (2012)

PR-Runners (NL) ordered 9 photographs for photowall in hospital (2012)

Contribution for fair presentations of Malaysian Promotion - Amsterdam (2011)

Home for the elderly in Borculo (NL) purchased 10 foam boxprints 120/225x80 cm. (2011)

Uniglobe travel agency in Brugge (B) purchased 2 patchwork foam boxprints 150x87 cm. (2011)

The new Culture House in Haarlo (NL) is decorated with 9 large foamprints 140x93 cm.

The regional ROC training school in Hengelo (NL) purchased 12 Mongolia Photographs

 The Union Hotel in Adelaide (Australia) purchased 20 Cuba Photographs 100x150 cm.

 Erik and Jessica (NL) with their 4 China canvasprints

 Leonie Engelsman (NL) shows her favourite photo of a rusted train in the Bolivian desert.

 Mini Veldink from Amsterdam (NL) with her India and Mongolia architecture prints 50x75 cm.

 Geert Muileman (NL) with his 90x60 canvas print

 Ellie Verweijst from The Netherlands with her Asia photo collage

 Partha Ghosh decorated his restaurant in Arnhem (NL) with 4 India Posters 50x70 cm.

Wilma and Dick with their Cape Town impression, printed  in black & white Wilma & Dick - The Netherlands

Roos Rensen with her Sevilla Nazareno Roos Rensen - The Netherlands

Nicolle Clemens with her Sri Lanka buddha
Nicolle Clemens - The Netherlands

Ina Heerspink with her Laos Monks
Ina Heerspink - The Netherlands

Dick Palland with his Denmark landscape Dick Palland - The Netherlands

Markus Urban from Stuttgart in his smokerslounge, featuring "The Last Sigarroller of Trinidad" in 50x70 cm. format. Markus Urban - Germany