The famous watercolorist Chinmaya Panda (India) used a Kumbh Mela image
for the prestigious Biennale in Belgium

For the new Cuba and Myanmar editions of popular Dutch travel booklet "Te gast in"
Hans contributed three Cuba and seven Myamar images

For the calender 2014 of Foundation "Friends of the Elephant" Hans contributed
three Sri Lanka images for cover and two months

The Municipality of Berkelland (NL) published five images in their book
"Van bossen, beken en havezaten"

Mongolia photograph for book "Moments that Speak", published by
the Royal Dutch Tropical Institute (KIT)

Bhutan photograph with Stupa's for Tropical Magazine, issue 86 (2012)

Contribution for Dutch "Echt Achterhoek" promotion campaign:
25 photos for postcards, ad's and TV spots

Mongolia photograph for CNN online 2011 travel planner

Worldbook (USA) ordered photograph for book "Christmas in Holland" (2011)

Contribution for USA book "Not in my front yard, global warning" (2011)

Cover and article with photographs of the Kumbh Mela festival in Haridwar - India (2010)

12 Photographs for the 2009/2010 travel brochure of travel agency Baobab NL)

The Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam used a serie Peru photos for the
"Sun Festival" exposition (summer 2008)

Interview published in Asian Photography Magazine Issue June 2008. Download the complete article in PDF (2,6 MB).

Mongoliaphoto for Ode Magazine USA and Netherlands edition (2008)

Thailand photo for ad in Mixed magazine (2008)

Mexico photo for ad in Meridian Travel magazine (2008)

Cuba photo for ad in Dutch lifestyle magazine Squeeze (2008)


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Travel agency Baobab (NL) used Guatemala photograph for short TV-commercial on the
Dutch public channels Nederland 1, 2, and 3.

28 Photographs for the 2008/2009 travel brochure of travel agency Baobab (NL)

Ad in Dutch magazine Ontdek Afrika (2008)

Cuba photo for ad in Dutch travel magazine Columbus (2008)

  Cuba photo for tiles in restaurant (2007)

 4 Andalucia photos for Golf Estate international magazine (2007)

  5 Guatemala postcards for Mexagrico (2007)

 Zambia and India photo used for calender - Nolf (Belgium)

  CD-Cover "Road to India" of Sherman Noir (2007)

 India photo for meal sleave Royal Dutch Airlines KLM (2007)

  Mongolia cover photo for Tiara Tours 2008 brochure

 China photo for Dutch magazine Mr. (2007)

 Italian manufacturer of exclusive paper Favini used Hans Hendriksen photos in their Majestic India Campaign (march 2007).

  Washington Post Online (USA) -Turkey Photograph (April 2007)

 Cover, photos and article in Dutch travel book (May 2007)

  Plus Magazine (NL) - Denmark Photograph (March 2007)

 53 Photographs for the 2007/2008 travel brochure of travel agency Baobab (NL)

  Plus Magazine (NL) - 2 Achterhoek photos (Sept. 2006).

  Nat. Geographic Traveler (NL) - Back-side cover (Dec. 2006).

 Contribution for the book "Shri Hari Mandir and The Glory of Hindu Temples" - Sanskruti Foundation (UK) - July 2006.  

 Contribution for travel photography special, published
in Dutch photo magazine Focus (Issue May 2006).

Idee Globus Reisen (Ger.) - 3 Pushkar photos for
travel brochure "Dreams of India" (March 2006).

 Touroperator OAD (NL) - 21 photographs for China brochure and cover for magazine Yellow! (March 2006).

 Cuba photograph used as background for Avalanche Fashion Show 2006 in Brussels (Belgium).

 Goodbuy and Welcome card, postcards for Dutch travel agency ATP (August 2005).

Internet Covers for Canon Europe Professional Services (February 2005)

 City of Zwolle (NL) - Invitation card
with Cuba photo (January 2005).

      Cover and 2 photos for new Dutch Turkey magazine (January 2005).

 Stork Fokker (NL) - China photo for personnel magazine PlainTalk (March 2005).

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 Contribution for Dutch photo book "Kustbewoners" (Coast Inhabitants) about the Tsunami disaster of December 2004 in Asia (March 2005).

 6 Denmark photos for Dutch 50+ magazine "Vizier" (May 2005).

 City of Zwolle (NL) - 9 photographs for the Zwolle Development Program 2005-2009 (June 2005).

 Zeister Zendingsgenootschap (NL) - Cover with 2 Zambia photo's (October 2004).

Dutch manufacturer supplies world-wide hundreds of thousands
puzzles using Hans Hendriksen photo material (2005)

Homes Away from Home (UK) - 3 Morocco photo's (May 2004).

Legal Stuff (NL) - China photo (June 2004).

Contribution for The Elephant, only Dutch magazine about elephants in the world (November Issue 2004).

Intereffekt (NL) - 3 China photos for a funds brochure (May 2004)

Beleggingsexpres (NL) - Cover and photo (May 2004)

Travel Savvy Magazine (USA) - 6 Photographs for an article about Copenhagen, Denmark (April 2004)

Inn Magazine (NL) - 4 photographs for Cuba article (August 2003)

Holland Herald, inflight magazine of Royal Dutch Airways KLM - photograph for a theme article about hair styles (March 2004)